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RJ Boating Pre-Lake Checklist

1. Documentation and Permits
 Valid boating license/ Driver's License 
 Boat registration
Fishing License if applicable 

2. Safety Equipment
 Life jackets (one per person)
 Throwable flotation device
 Fire extinguisher (check expiration date)
 First aid kit
 Visual distress signals (flares, flags)
 Sound signaling devices (horn, whistle)
3. Mechanical Check
 Fuel level (adequate for trip)
4. Hull and Exterior
 Inspect hull for cracks or damage
 Check drain plugs (secure and in place)
 Anchor (check rope, secure storage)

5. Onboard Supplies
 Water and food provisions
 Tool kit (basic tools for emergency repairs)
 Ropes and lines (inspect for wear and tear)
6. Emergency Plan
 Share float plan with a reliable person (departure and return times, route)
 Review emergency procedures with all passengers

7. Weather and Environmental Check
 Weather forecast (check for any warnings)
 Local boating restrictions or advisories

8. Personal Items
 Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen
 Personal identification and cash/credit card
 Mobile phone (fully charged) and waterproof case

9. Final Walkaround
 Double-check all hatches and compartments (ensure they are secure)
 Inspect trailer (if applicable: tires, lights, hitch)

Post-Trip Checklist
 Remove and properly store all gear and supplies
 Clean and dry the boat
 Check for any new damage or issues to address
Ensuring that each of these items is checked will help guarantee a safe and enjoyable outing on the lake.